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A. D. Loganathan

(1888 – 1949) – (Tamilnadu)

Arcot Doraiswamy Loganadan (Aged 61) was born on 12 April 1888. Major General Arcot Doraiswamy Loganadan was an officer of the Indian National Army and a minister in the Azad Hind Government. He represented the Indian National Army and also briefly served as the Governor for the Andaman Island and Burma.

S Satyamurti received a temporary commission as a lieutenant in the Indian Medical Service on 27 August 1917, which was later upgraded to temporary Captain. He was appointed to a regular commission in the Indian Medical Service on 1 March 1922 and promoted to Major on 27 February 1929. Loganadan served during World War I.

By December 15, 1939, Loganadan had been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. During World War II, following the fall of Singapore, Loganadan joined the Indian National Army and the Azad Hind Government under Subhas Chandra Bose to free India from British rule. He was appointed the Governor of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands during their brief occupation when they were transferred to Azad Hind authority from the Japanese Navy.

However, due to bad health and severe differences with the Japanese Forces of Occupation, Loganadan ultimately relinquished authority and returned to Burma. Later, towards the end of the successful Allied Burma Campaign, Loganadan was appointed the General Officer Commanding (G.O.C) of the Indian National Army’s Burma Command as the Azad Hind Government withdrew from Rangoon.

Loganadan’s troops, an INA Contingent 6,000 strong contingent, formally surrendered to the released British Prisoners of War (PoWs) held in the city and manned the Burmese Capital, successfully maintaining law and order between 24 April and 4 May 1945. Loganadan was later repatriated to India and held at the Red Fort while preparations were made to try the men of the Indian National Army for treason.

After the completion of the trials and his acquittal, Loganadan returned to his family in Bangalore in 1946. However, he was removed from the Indian Army as a Lieutenant Colonel, IMS in the London Gazette on 20 September 1946. Loganadan declined a diplomatic assignment to New Zealand under the Nehru Government due to failing health. He passed away on 9 March 1949.