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Amir Chand

(1869 – 1915) – (Delhi)
Master Amir Chand

Master Amir Chand (Aged 46) Born in 1869 in Delhi, was the son of Shri Hukam Chand Vaishya. He worked as a school teacher. He actively participated in social reform and educational activities, such as advocating for widow re-marriage, temperance, and spreading education.

His contact with the famous revolutionary leader Lala Har Dayal brought him into the revolutionary movement, and he became a leader of the Ghadr Party. He worked closely with Rash Behari Bose and directed revolutionary activities throughout northern India.

In February 1914, he was arrested and charged with conspiracy to kill Lord Hardinge, the Viceroy of India, and was also accused of complicity in the Lahore Bomb Case. Known as the Delhi Conspiracy Case, it began with the throwing of a bomb on Lord Hardinge while he was passing through Delhi’s Chandni Chowk on an elephant during a state procession marking the inauguration of Delhi as the capital of India.

Master Amir Chand and his three compatriots, Avadh Bihari, Bal Mokand, and Basant Kumar Biswas, were sentenced to death on October 5, 1914. He was hanged on May 8, 1915, in the Delhi Central Jail.