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Annapurna Maharana

(1917 – 2012) – (Odisha)

Annapurna Maharana (Aged 95) was born on 3 November 1917 in Odisha, India. She was the second child of Rama Devi and Gopabandhu Choudhury, both of whom were active in the Indian independence movement against the British rule. Annapurna was an Indian pro-independence activist who actively participated in the movement for India’s independence.

At the age of fourteen, Maharana became a supporter of Mohandas Gandhi and began actively campaigning for independence. In 1934, she joined Gandhi on his “Harijan Pada Yatra” march through Odisha from Puri to Bhadrak. She was arrested several times by the British and British Raj, including during the Quit India Movement civil disobedience campaign in August 1942. Annapurna Maharana passed away on 31 December 2012.