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Baikuntha Kol

(★ – 1868) – (Odisha)

Baikuntha Kol hailed from the Keonjhar Princely State (now in the Kendujhar District), Orissa (Odisha). He participated in the Ratna Naik-led open revolt against the Bhanja ruler of Keonjhar State, one of the British tributary Mahals in Orissa, on 21 April 1868, due to the economic and political grievances of the State people.

The British forces intervened immediately to support the Raja and quell the rebellion. The clashes between the rebels and the British and the State forces lasted for almost five months, from April to August. Eventually, by August, the main rebels were apprehended and tried for rebellion and murder. Baikuntha Kol was one of the seven persons who received the death sentence in the case on 30 November 1868. He was executed by hanging in Cuttack the following day.