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Baji Rout

(1926 – 1938) – (Odisha)

Baji Rout (Aged 12), the youngest Indian freedom fighter and martyr, was born on 5 October 1926 in Dhenkanal, Odisha, India. He was a boat boy and was shot by British police when he refused to ferry them across the Brahmani River on the night of 11 October 1938 at Nilakanthapur Ghat, Bhuban, Dhenkanal district, at the age of twelve.

The youngest son of a boatman on the Brahmani River, Baji Rout was an active member of the Banar Sena of Prajamandal (Party of People) and had volunteered to keep watch by the river at night. When the British police force ordered him to cross the river by his boat, he refused, leading to them firing upon Baji Rout along with Laxman Mallik and Fagu Sahoo. He passed away on 11 October 1938 in Dhenkanal, Odisha, India.