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Bhagat Singh

(1907 – 1931) – (Punjab)

Bhagat Singh (Aged 24) a revolutionary hero of the Indian independence movement, was born in 1907. He attended Dayanand Anglo Vedic High School and National College, both located in Lahore and operated by Arya Samaj, a reform sect of modern Hinduism.

While still a youth, he began to protest against British rule in India and fought for national independence. Bhagat Singh also worked as a writer and editor in Amritsar for Punjabi- and Urdu-language newspapers espousing Marxist theories. He is credited with popularizing the catchphrase “Inquilab zindabad” (“Long live the revolution”).

In 1928, Bhagat Singh plotted with others to kill the police chief responsible for the death of Indian writer and politician Lala Lajpat Rai during a silent march opposing the Simon Commission. However, instead of the intended target, junior officer J.P. Saunders was killed. Bhagat Singh had to flee Lahore to avoid the death penalty.

In 1929, he and an associate lobbed a bomb at the Central Legislative Assembly in Delhi to protest the implementation of the Defence of India Act and then surrendered. He was hanged in 1931 for the murder of Saunders.