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Bhagwan Das Mahour

(1909 – 1979) – (Madhya Pradesh)

Bhagwan Das Mahour (Aged 70) popularly known as the Lion of Jhansi, was born on 27 February 1909 in the Datia district of Madhya Pradesh, India. He became close to Chandrashekhar Azad and joined the Hindustan Republican Association/Army and Hindustan Socialist Republican Association/Army.

He was arrested in Bhusaval while attempting to shoot an approver in Bhagat Singh’s case. He was put on trial in Jalgaon court and sentenced to life imprisonment. In his post-revolutionary life, he completed his Ph.D. in Hindi literature on the topic “Impact of 1857: The First War of Independence on Hindi Literature,” which was later published as a book. He served as a Lecturer in Hindi and passed away on 12 March 1979.