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Boo Boo Ramu


Ramaswamy, also known as Boo Boo Ramu, was a participant in the Indian freedom struggle. His meeting with Gandhi, Nehru and Kamaraj in 1935 led to his participation in the freedom struggle. He was given the name Boo Boo Ramu after he was arrested for using a megaphone to propagate the ideals of the freedom movement on the streets of Coimbatore and his advocates demonstrated by making a paper cone and yelling “Boo Boo” into it.

Ramaswamy and his friends used to meet secretly at Kokkali Thottam and were involved with the Sulur conspiracy, which included the derailment of a goods train carrying armaments and setting fire to toddy shops. Ramaswamy and his elder brother K.R. Guruswamy were arrested for taking part in the conspiracy. Guruswamy initially went into hiding, but when the police set fire to his house, he surrendered to ensure that his parents were not troubled.

Ramaswamy did not give up his co-conspirators even though he was tortured at the Singanallur and Sulur police stations. The British police used water-soaked slippers to beat the captured freedom fighters. Ramaswamy was sentenced to 47 years of imprisonment, and when the magistrate asked him if he wanted anything before being shifted to Bellary jail, he quipped that he wanted his horoscope to be picked up from his home so that he could find out if he would live long enough to serve the full term. His brother was also imprisoned at Bellary jail.