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Dhananjay Mahato

(1919 – 2014) – (Bihar)

Dhananjay Mahato

Dhananjay Mahato (Aged 95) was born on 8 August 1919 in Gunda, Bihar, India. He was a freedom fighter and social activist who later became a politician and the chairman of Adityapur Industrial Area Development Authority (A.I.A.D.A) in Jamshedpur.

During his school days, he came under the influence of Bheem Chandra Mahato, a renowned freedom fighter in the region, who initiated him and motivated him towards the freedom struggle. In 1935, at the age of 16, he joined the Freedom struggle movement and campaigned for awareness among the people to launch an agitation against the British government, along with his revolutionary team.

In April 1936, while preparing for a rally to boycott British products in Purulia Town (West Bengal), he sustained serious injuries inflicted by the police. However, this incident did not shatter him; instead, he became even more determined and participated with more energy and enthusiasm in the freedom struggle movement.

In September 1942, when the Quit India Movement was already launched, a group of 21 revolutionaries led by Bheem Chandra Mahato and Dhananjay Mahato set ablaze the British flag and later the BaraBazar police station. Dhananjay Mahato was arrested by the British on 3 October 1942, held on this charge and remained imprisoned until 17 April 1943 in Purulia Jail.

In 1943, along with dozens of his colleagues, he marched from Patamda to Ramgarh to attend the All-India Congress Committee’s convention chaired by Netaji Subash Chandra Bose. He passed away on 2 January 2014 in Chandil, Jharkhand.