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Gaga Tshering Dukpa

(1909 – 1992) – (Jharkhand)

Gaga Tshering Dukpa (Aged 83), also known locally as “Nehru Bajey,” was born on December 7th, 1909, in Permaguri Ramji Busty, Sukhia Pokhri, which is in the Darjeeling district of the West Bengal state in India. He was a firm believer in Indian nationalism and strongly advocated for the British to be expelled from India as soon as possible.

In 1941, Gaga was transferred to Turnbull School in Darjeeling, and shortly after, he was asked to join the British efforts in World War II. However, he was later arrested on charges of sedition for inciting his students to protest against the British. Consequently, he was removed from his job and sent to Rajshahi Jail, now located in Bangladesh, where he had the chance to meet Mahatma Gandhi.

After being released from jail, Gaga continued his anti-British protests and activities and became a prominent member of Congress in Darjeeling. He passed away 1992 November 11.