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Garimella Satyanarayana

(1893 – 1952) – (Andhra Pradesh)


Garimella Satyanarayana (Aged 59) was born on 14 July 1893, Priya agharam, Narasannapeta, Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh, India.  He was a poet and freedom fighter who used his patriotic songs and writings to influence and mobilize the Andhra people against the British Raj. Due to his activism, he was jailed several times by the British administration.

Despite facing financial difficulties, Satyanarayana was able to complete his graduation (BA) with the help of a kind lawyer named Kannepalli Narasimha Rao. After working as a clerk in the collector’s office of Ganjam district and as a teacher at a high school in Vijayanagaram, he gave up his studies in response to the call of Mahatma Gandhi to participate in the Non-Cooperation movement. During this time, he wrote his famous song “Maakoddee Telladoratanamu” for which he was jailed in 1922 for one year.

After his release from jail, Satyanarayana continued his participation in the movement by singing songs in villages, resulting in him being sentenced to two and a half years of rigorous imprisonment. Sadly, while he was in jail, his entire family, including his wife, father, and grandfather, passed away. Additionally, he ran a restaurant called Kalpaka Vilaas, but he eventually died in a destitute state on 18 December 1952 after spending several years in poverty.