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Gend Singh


Gend singh

The title of Shaheed Shiromani belongs to Gend Singh, the Zamindar of Paralkot, who is considered the first martyr of Chhattisgarh. He raised the banner of rebellion against the tyranny of the British and the Maratha rulers, uniting the tribals to fight for their liberation from exploitation and atrocities. In 1825, he was hanged in front of his palace at Paralkot, 195 years ago.

Gend Singh`s sacrifice stands as an example of the struggle made for the liberation of Bastar, yet he has not received the respect he deserves as the first martyr from Chhattisgarh for independence. The members of the Paralkot Zamindar family are hurt by this and are leading a life of oblivion.

Paralkot is an area in the Bastar division, adjacent to the border of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. The area now includes the town of Pakhanjur and the villages of Bengalis who have migrated from Bangladesh.