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Indraganti Subrahmanyam

(1902 – 1976) – (Andhra Pradesh)

Indraganti Subrahmanyam (Aged 74), born in 1902 in the Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh, India, succeeded Sri Tumuluri Padmanabhaiah and continued publishing the ‘Nagara Jyothi’ magazine in Nellore from 1938 until his last days. He fervently supported the Indian freedom movement and abandoned his studies at the age of 17 to promote patriotism against British colonial rule in Venkatagiri town. Consequently, he was arrested and imprisoned in the Rayavellore Central Prison. Indraganti earned recognition as an efficient reporter and possessed a strong command of both Telugu and English languages. Despite facing immense pressure and harassment due to his work on Nagara Jyothi, he remained dedicated to contributing to the national movement and the struggle for freedom.

Indraganti meticulously read national newspapers such as Indian Express, Free Press, Forum Patriot, and Mine India, comprehensively understanding their content to prepare news for his magazine. Despite not being fluent in Tamil, he engaged with Tamil-speaking individuals and translated news for them. His primary mission was to compile news for Nagara Jyothi, a task that occupied him round the clock. He would wait at the railway station daily until midnight for trains arriving from Madras and Vijayawada to collect newspapers, even though he couldn’t afford to purchase them. He also showcased his talent as a skilled cartoonist and resourcefully gathered materials like chalk and cloth from people around him. For almost four decades, he remained steadfast in his commitment, regardless of the time of day or weather conditions.

Indraganti elevated Indian journalism to the same caliber as that of Russia, China, Spain, and America, but unfortunately, urbanization and modernization have obscured his remarkable achievements in the collective memory. He passed away on September 19, 1976, marking the permanent disappearance of the Nagara Jyothi magazine. Indraganti Subramanyam leaves behind a legacy of unwavering dedication and fervent patriotism expressed through his journalism endeavors.