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Kaderbad Narasinga Rao

(1888 – 1963) – (Andhra Pradesh)


Kaderbad Narasinga Rao (Aged 74) also known as Khaderbad, was born 14 November 1888, Nandyal, Andhra Pradesh, India. He was a freedom fighter, philanthropist, social reformer, and political leader who worked tirelessly throughout his life to uplift disadvantaged people and eradicate untouchability. He was popularly known as “Nandyal Gandhi”.

Influenced by the Indian freedom struggle and Mahatma Gandhi, he decided to join politics instead of pursuing his B.A degree. He was moved by the plight of poor people, who were called untouchables in those days. He strived throughout his life to integrate them into society, provide them with economic opportunities, and give them equal social status. Despite the threat of social boycott by fellow Brahmins, he participated in “sahapankti-bhojanam” (eating along) with the downtrodden untouchables. His stature, wealth, political influence, and social status gradually forced other members of his community and others to follow his reforms.

He correctly identified that the lack of opportunities for education was the root cause of their economic and social struggles. Poverty and hunger were the main impediments. Using his own resources, he established a “Harijan Boys Hostel” where children of poor people were provided with room to stay, food to eat, and education. Children educated in this hostel have become doctors, engineers, lawyers, and Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officers. They, their children, and their grandchildren have played, and continue to play, a critical role in Indian society.

He later established a hostel for the Harijan girls as well. He donated his own land for the construction of a mosque in Nandyal. He, along with his friend and neighbor Gadicherla Harisarvottama Rao, started the Library Movement. They established the “Edward Corporation Library” (currently called the “Victoria Reading Room”) in Nandyal. He also donated his land for this library.  He passed away by 2 June 1963.