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Kaneganti Hanumanthu

(1870 – 1920) – (Andhra Pradesh)

Kaneganti Hanumanthu (Aged 50) was born on 1870, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India. He was a freedom fighter who rebelled against British rule, spearheaded the Palnadu Rebellion against taxes and was later executed by British General Rutherford.

Born in Kolagutla in the Durgi mandal of Palnadu in Guntur district, Hanumanthu was a local peasant leader who refused to pay British taxes and participated in a revolt over the issue. He was killed while resisting British police forces.

The following rebellion cry is attributed to Hanumanthu: “Neeru pettava, Natu vesava, Kota kosava, Kuppa nurchava, Endhuku kattali ra sisthu?” which translates to “Have you ever irrigated the land or planted a seed in your life? Have you ever harvested or threshed a field? Why should I pay you any tax for what is rightfully mine?” He passed away by 22 February 1920.