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Karu Bhagat

(1917 – 1993) – (Uttar Pradesh)

Karu Bhagat, born around 1917 in Ranipur village, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, was the son of Puneet Bhagat, engaged in agriculture and devoid of formal education. During the 1942 freedom struggle, he was present near Patna and witnessed the significant Jhandotsan event where many courageous individuals sacrificed their lives, leading to the hoisting of the national flag. During this time, Karu Bhagat played a role in disrupting the railway line, damaging telecommunication wires, and sabotaging British operations, causing them considerable inconvenience.

While working in the fields during the month of Bhado, he was suddenly apprehended by the police and subsequently incarcerated. In jail, the treatment meted out to him and other prisoners was deplorable; the food provided contained rice with worms and overly salted vegetables, and the prisoners endured physical abuse, including being beaten with iron chains. Tragically, while he was in jail, his elder brother, Manu Bhagat, passed away. However, he was denied the opportunity to attend the last rites of his late sibling.

As a mark of respect for his contributions, Karu Bhagat was eventually honored with a letter of recognition and began receiving a pension. He passed away in 1993.