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Karyanand Sharma

(1901 – 1965)

Karyanand Sharma

Karyanand Sharma (Aged 64) was born on 1901, Munger, Bihar, India. He was a nationalist and peasant leader who spearheaded movements against zamindars and the British. As a consequence, he was arrested and sentenced to one year in prison.

After being released from jail, he became increasingly involved in peasant issues and in 1927, he organized a struggle for the tenants at Chanan against arbitrary extortions by the zamindars.

Following the famous Barahiya Bakasht Andolan in 1937-39, strictures were passed against him, and in 1938, he was arrested by the then Congress government. Despite this, he continued to participate in the Kisan Movement, leading to his repeated arrests. Karyanand Sharma passed away in 1965.