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Kishorlal Mashruwala

(1890 – 1952) – (Maharashtra)

Kishorlal Ghanshyamlal Mashruwala (Aged 62) was born on 5 October 1890. He was an Indian independence activist, as well as a biographer, essayist, and translator. He completed his BA with elective subjects of Material Science and Chemistry in 1909 from Wilson College, Bombay, and his LLB in 1913. After three years of practising law, he became an associate of Mahatma Gandhi and was deeply influenced by him. Mashruwala extensively wrote on education, religion, and philosophy and translated some works into Gujarati. He was also influenced by Sahajanand Swami, Mahatma Gandhi, and Kedarnathji.

Mashruwala actively participated in the Indian independence movement from 1930 to 1932 and was imprisoned for two years by the British authorities. He served as the president of Gandhi Sewa Sangh from 1934 to 1938. Following the arrest of Gandhi during the 1942 Quit India Movement, Mashruwala managed Gandhi’s periodical, Harijan, and was again imprisoned for some time. From 1946 until his death on 9 September 1952 due to an asthmatic attack, he edited Harijan. His associate, Narhari Parikh, wrote his biography, Shreyarthini Sadhana, in 1953.