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Komuram Bheem

(1901 -1940) – (Telangana)

Komuram Bheem (Aged 39) was a Gond tribal revolutionary who was born in October 1901 in Sange Palli, Hyderabad, Telangana, India. He rebelled against the British government when Jodhpur was under their control (1928-40) and later joined the Communists to rebel against the landlord Nizams.

From 1930-46, Bheem played a key role in the Telangana uprising in the eastern part of the Hyderabad princely state. In Gond culture, he is considered a hero. During a riot in October 1920, Bheem killed Siddiqui, a senior Nizam officer who was sent by Rao to seize the harvest.

Bheem escaped with his friend Kondal and the two were given refuge by Victoba, where they learned to speak and read English, Hindi, and Urdu. He worked in tea estates in Assam and helped to develop workers’ unions.

Bheem married a girl named Som Boy and rallied the tribal people in Sodekot with the banned Communist Party, stating that armed revolution was the only solution to the land struggle in favor of the tribal people. On April 8, 1940, Kurdish Patel discovered Bheem’s location, and during the encounter that followed, it is officially acknowledged that 15 people were killed. Since then, Bheem has been deified and worshiped as a god. It is worth noting that despite his sacrifice and significant role in the Indian independence struggle, he is relatively unknown in India compared to other revolutionary leaders.