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Lala Jaidayal

(1812 – 1860) – (Rajasthan)

Lala Jai Dayal Bhatnagar (Aged 48) was born on April 4, 1812, in Kama, former Bharatpur State, Rajasthan. He was a man of learning in Urdu, Persian, and English, and worked as an advocate in the court of the Maharao of Kota. Jai Dayal organized and led the revolt against British rule in Kota State, Rajasthan.

As the chief civilian leader of the revolt, he was responsible for directing the military operations against the British, in association with Risaldar Mehrab Khan of the Mota State Army. After the sacking of the Agency House on October 15, 1857, and the killing of Major Burton, the British Political Agent, Jai Dayal functioned as the supreme administrator of the Kota territory. He led the rebel troops and the people in resistance against the British attack in 1858.

In March 1858, after the defeat of the rebel troops by the superior British force, he retreated towards the Sheopur River and took shelter in the territory of Raja Man Singh of Parone. A few months later, he marched towards Kalpi and then reached Bikaner, where he disbanded his army. He traveled to Alwar in the guise of a fakir. Meanwhile, the Maharao of Kota had proclaimed a reward of Rs. 10,000 for his arrest.

To evade capture, Jai Dayal moved from place to place. However, he was betrayed by an informer who had won his confidence by becoming his disciple. He was captured in a village in the Bairat district of former Jaipur State, and despite his unsuccessful attempt to commit suicide, he was brought to Jaipur on April 15, 1860. He was tried by the British Political Agent and sentenced to death. Jai Dayal was executed by hanging near the Agency House at Kota on September 17, 1860.