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Lalnu Ropuiliani

(★ – 1894) – (Mizoram)

Hailing from the Champhai District of Mizoram, India, Lalnu Ropuiliani made history in the late 19th century. After her husband Vandula passed away, Ropuiliani became the first female chief in Mizoram, leading the village of Denlung, a community located in southern Mizoram near Hnahthial.

Lalnu Ropuiliani symbolised courage and selflessness during the Indian freedom struggle. She staunchly refused to acknowledge British colonial rule, believing that the British colonists were not superior. Consequently, she was arrested by the imperialists in 1893. Initially, she was held in detention in Lunglei, a prominent area of Mizoram, but was later transferred to a prison in Rangamati in Undivided India.

Tragically, Ropuiliani passed away in prison in January 1894, less than a year after her sentencing. Her son Lalthuama, who was also a prisoner at the time, brought her remains back home. Lalnu Ropuiliani emerged as a leader in the freedom movement, which included numerous women, and was among the most valiant individuals in Mizoram who resisted British aggression. Their determination was unwavering in preventing the British from advancing in their homeland.