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Mangal Das Pakvasa

(1882 – 1968) – (Maharashtra)

Mangaldas M. Pakvasa (Aged 86) was born on 7 May 1882 in Bombay, India. He was a freedom fighter and one of the first five Indian Governors. Pakvasa served as the first President of the Bharat Scouts and Guides from 1953 to November 1960. In the first years after India’s independence, leading politicians, including Jawaharlal Nehru, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, and Mangal Das Pakvasa, as well as Scout leaders, tried to unify India’s Scouts and Guides.

Pakvasa held the position of Governor of Madhya Pradesh, Bombay, and Mysore, and was a confidante of Mahatma Gandhi. His daughter-in-law is Poornima Pakvasa, and his granddaughter is Sonal Mansingh. He passed away on 6 November 1968.