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Meera Behn

(1892 – 1982) – (Gujarart)

Mirabehn or Meera Behn (Aged 90) born on November 22, 1892, was a British supporter of the Indian Independence Movement. In the 1920s, she left her home in England to live and work with Mohandas Gandhi after reading French novelist and essayist Romain Rolland’s 1924 biography of Gandhi, in which he described him as the greatest personality of the 20th century.

Fascinated by the principles of nonviolence, Slade contacted Gandhi and asked to become his disciple and live in Sabarmati Ashram. She reached India in November 1925 and made it her home for the next 34 years, becoming one of Gandhi’s confidants and an ardent champion internationally for India’s freedom from British rule. She was with Gandhi at the London Round Table Conference in 1931.

Slade was arrested multiple times, including during a period of civil disobedience in 1932–33 when she was detained on the charge of supplying information to Europe and America regarding conditions prevailing in India. In 1942, she was imprisoned in the Aga Khan Palace in Pune along with Gandhi and his wife, Kasturba. She passed away on July 20, 1982. A year before her death, the Indian government conferred upon her the Padma Vibhushan medal, the country’s second-highest civilian honor. She passed away by 20 July 1982.