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P. J. Sebastian

(1898 – 1972) – (Kerala)

P. J. Sebastian born (Aged 74) in 1898 in Changanacherry, Kerala, India. He was a prominent freedom fighter and social activist. At the age of 29, he gained political recognition as the chairman of the Changanasserry municipal council. Sebastian was also known for his oratorical skills and leadership in the Catholic community. His memoirs, titled “My Life,” were published posthumously.

Sebastian became a well-known figure in the “abstention movement,” which called for increased representation for various communities in the legislature. While he was in jail, the Diwan C.P. Ramasamy left following an attempt on his life. Despite previous conflicts, Sebastian and Mannath Padmanabhan, another prominent figure in the movement, struck up a friendship during Sebastian’s time in jail.

After the Maharaja of Travancore declared self-rule, Sebastian held prestigious positions such as Public Service Commissioner and Panchayat director. Following his retirement, he became the president of the Primary School Teachers Association. In 1954, he was elected to the State Assembly from Kurichi constituency.

He led the “vimochana samaram” (liberation struggle), which resulted in the dismissal of the E.M.S. Ministry by the Congress-led government at the Centre. He passed away in 1972.