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Pasala Krishnamurthy

(1900 – 1978) – (Andhra Pradesh)


Pasala Krishnamurthy (Aged 78) was born on 26 January 1900, Tadepalligudem, Taluk, West Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh, India. In March 1921, when Gandhiji visited Vijayawada, Krishnamurthy, along with his wife Anjalakshmi Pasala, joined the Congress.

When Gandhiji visited the Ananda Niketan Aashram in Chagallu in 1929, the Krishnamurthy couple, who had a daughter at the time, contributed gold to the Khaddar fund. Krishnamurthy actively participated in the Salt Satyagraha movement and was imprisoned for one year on 6 October 1930 at the Rajahmundry and Vellore prisons. As a result of the Gandhi-Irwin pact, he was released on 13 March 1931.

Krishnamurthy picketed a foreign cloth shop during the Civil Disobedience Movement in Tadepalligudem market and hoisted the national flag on the Bhimavaram sub-collector’s office on 26 June 1932. Consequently, he was arrested and sentenced to one year imprisonment and a fine of Rs. 400/- on 27 June 1932, failing which the jail term would be extended by 12 weeks.

He was an advocate for khadi and the upliftment of Harijans. Krishnamurthy and his wife, Anjalakshmi, built a hospital in West Vipparru that benefitted many people. Krishnamurthy also assisted numerous people through his property and begging. Following independence, he served as President of the Tadepalligudem Taluka Independent Fighters Association.

Krishnamurthy declined the government of India’s Freedom Fighters’ pension and offered two acres of land in West Vipparru for houses for the Harijans. To honor his contributions, the Tadepalligudem municipality erected the Pasala Krishnamurthy Memorial Elementary School. He passed away on 20 September 1978.