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Pramod Ranjan Banerjee


Pramod Ranjan Banerjee, despite being born into a rich family of zamindars, left home at the age of 12. He got a job in the Railways in Jabalpur but left it at the age of 22 to involve himself entirely in the freedom movement. During his service, he spent his salary aiding his co- freedom fighters, especially by buying arms to fight the British.

Among his many contributions to the freedom struggle, the ‘Armoury Movement’ stood out. He was jailed in Dhaka Central Jail after being caught in connection with the ‘Armoury Movement’ andwas then shifted to Dumdum Central Jail and Andaman Central Jail. He was inspired by Subhash ChandraBose and followed his ideals until his last breath. He also accompanied Mahatma Gandhi in his ‘Quit India Movement’ in1942.