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Raj Kumar Shukla

(1875 – 1929) – (Bihar)

Raj Kumar Shukla

Raj Kumar Shukla (Aged 53) was born on August 23, 1875, in Murli Bharahwa, Champaran, Bihar, India. He was the farmer behind the Champaran Kisan Movement, which symbolizes the Indian Freedom Struggle and the role of Gandhi.

The Britishers imposed the ‘tinkathia’ system upon the farmers of Champaran, wherein they were required to grow indigo on 3/20th of their land. Raj Kumar himself suffered at the hands of this exploitative system. He emerged as a forefront leader of the struggle against discrimination done by the colonial power in the Champaran region.

Raj Kumar convinced Gandhiji to visit Champaran and briefed him about the issues being faced by the farmers of the district and how they were exploited by the British colonial authorities. Due to his efforts, farmers were freed from forced Indigo cultivation. Gandhiji adopted Satyagraha for the first time on Indian soil in Champaran. This struggle granted the people of the nation a new zeal of fervor and confidence. The Indian national struggle entered a new phase after the success of Champaran Satyagraha. He passed away on May 20, 1929, in Motihari, Bihar, India.