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Ram Kishore Shukla

(1923 – 2003) – (Madhya Pradesh)

Pandit Ram Kishore Shukla (Aged 80) was born on 4 September 1923. He was an Indian politician and an activist for Indian independence. After completing high school, he participated in the Quit India movement on Gandhi’s call for immediate independence with passive resistance. He attended the mass meeting held at Gowalia Tank Maidan in Bombay, where “Do or Die” was coined by Gandhi.

He represented the Socialist Party and the Indian National Congress as an MLA in the legislative assembly of the state of Madhya Pradesh from Beohari constituency. He served as Speaker, Deputy Speaker, and Minister of Finance, Minister of Law and Legislative, Minister of Separate Revenue, and Minister of Parliamentary Affairs in the government of Madhya Pradesh to the government of India. He also presided over various house committees of the legislative assembly of Madhya Pradesh during several five-year plans.

He was the first to express his views to start live telecast of meetings of parliament of India & legislative assemblies of the Republic of India on Doordarshan in the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association convention in England. During his tenure as the Cabinet Minister for Law, he started Lok Adalat sittings in Madhya Pradesh and received personal appreciation from Prafullachandra Natwarlal Bhagwati for the same. He remained the representative of Beohari Vidhan Sabha constituency for a total of seven times and was one of the few who scored a hat-trick in assembly elections from his region.

He widely traveled and visited several countries, including the Soviet Union, England, Japan, the United States of America, Kenya, several other republics of Africa, Italy, Germany, Isle of Man, etc., to participate in Commonwealth and other similar events. He remained a prominent name for his region because of his political ideologies and principles, not only during the Indian independence movement but even after that for more than half a century until 2003. He was known for being a sharp speaker and prime apprehender of the parliamentary system. He passed away on 11 December 2003.