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Sadashiv Rao Malkapurkar

(1908 – 2002) – (Madhya Pradesh)

Sadashiv Rao Malkapurkar, born on January 18, 1908, in the Binasagar district of Madhya Pradesh, India, was the son of Raghunath Rao. He shared a close association with the revolutionary Chandrashekhar Azad and spent an undisclosed period with him at Malkapurki Gadhi, located in the village of Bhainswaha along the banks of the Naren River in Madhya Pradesh.

Following the Kakori incident, Malkapurkar and his fellow comrades engaged in the fight for freedom, manufacturing bombs while in exile in Bhainswaha, where the remnants of a fort from that era still stand. He was the primary accused in the Bhusaval bomb incident during the freedom struggle, leading to a 15-year imprisonment in 1928. He was released in 1938 but found himself incarcerated again in 1939, finally regaining his freedom after the Second World War.

Subsequently, he settled in Tehsil Rahli of the Sagar district, where he provided service to Chandrashekhar Azad’s mother and accompanied her on a pilgrimage to the four holy sites after Azad’s martyrdom. He personally conducted Azad’s cremation after his passing, setting a remarkable example of serving both the motherland and the mother of the martyr Chandrashekhar. To this day, his name is held in high regard throughout the entire region. Malkapurkar passed away on July 12, 2002, in Rahli.