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Seetaram Rungrao Guptey

(★ – 1857) – (Maharashtra)

Seetaram Rungrao Guptey was a resident of Sattara (Satara), Maharashtra, and his father’s name was Rango Bapoojee Guptey. He took part in the Uprising of 1857 and joined the rebels in Satara, led by his father Rango Bapoojee. The plan was to attack Satara and Mahabaleshwar, release all the prisoners, seize government property, and eliminate British officers. Unfortunately, Seetaram Rungrao Guptey was captured by the British in June 1857 and charged with treason, waging war against the English East India Company, plundering government property, and releasing prisoners from jail. Subsequently, he was sentenced to be executed by being blown away with a cannon, which was carried out on 8th September 1857.