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Shaheed Jayee Rajguru

(1739 – 1806) – (Odisha)

Shaheed Jayee Rajguru (Aged 67) also known as Jayakrushna Rajaguru Mohapatra, born on October 29, 1739, was a prominent figure in the Indian independence movement within the state of Odisha. He served as a royal priest at the court of the Khurda kingdom, but he rebelled against the British East India Company’s presence in the province. Rajaguru collaborated with the Marathas in an attempt to regain control of the British-administered region. However, the British captured a Maratha messenger, which led to the exposure of Rajaguru’s covert plans.

After Rajaguru’s failed removal from the king’s court, a British force attacked the Khurda fort and apprehended him. Subsequently, he was sentenced to death and executed in Baghitota, Midnapore, on December 6, 1806.