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Shaikh Bhikari

(1819 – 1858) – (Jharkhand)

Shaikh Bhikari (Aged 39) was born in 1819, and he was the owner of Khudra Lotowa Estate in Ranchi. He took an active part in the resistance against the British during the 1857 Uprising under Diwan of Tikait Umrao Singh’s leadership. He led Umrao Singh’s forces when the combined forces of Madho Singh, Bishwanath Sahdeo, and Ganpat Rai, along with rebellious sepoys of Ramgarh Battalion and Doranda Army Camp, broke jails, freed prisoners, and burnt record rooms and administrative offices at Ranchi.

After that, Shaikh Bhikhari tried to awaken the Santhals of Santhal Pargana to revolt against the British but was defeated. Later, he had a contingent of rebels during the battle against the English East India Company forces on 2 August 1857. He was captured by the Company troops on 6 January 1858, sentenced to death and confiscation of his property, and executed by hanging on 8 January 1858 in the Chutupalu valley of Ramgarh district along with Umrao Singh.