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Sindhura Lakshmana

(1898 – 1922) – (Karnataka)

Sindhura Lakshmana (Aged 24) was born in 1898 and was an Indian revolutionary fighter who fought in the independence movement against British Colonial rule in India. Lakshmana was born in Sindhur village, which is now in Jatha taluk of Sangli district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. During the time when Mahatma Gandhi’s Non-cooperation movement was spreading across India, Lakshmana started his own struggle against the British by forming a band of men to loot the tax money collected by the government treasury and distribute it among the populace.

Unfortunately, in 1922, he was shot dead by the British in a sting operation while dining at the home of a British informant, as he was shot in the head by British snipers. Despite his untimely death, Sindhura Lakshmana is regarded as a hero and freedom fighter, especially in the states of Karnataka and Maharashtra, due to his efforts in redistributing colonial taxes to the poor people of the region. His life has been the subject of several films, plays, and theatrical performances. One such example is the Kannada film Veera Sindhoora Lakshmana, released in 1977, which depicts his rebellion and struggle against the British Government. He passed away in 1922.