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Sukhendubikash Datta

(1914 – 1929) – (West Bengal)

Sukhendubikash Datta (Aged 15) was born in 1914 to an undisclosed family in Sripur village, Chittagong district, West Bengal, India. Nothing is known about his parentage and political mentor. A brilliant student, Sukhendubikash came into public life first as a volunteer of the Chittagong Congress. Ananta Singh, a revolutionary hero of Chittagong, stated in his biographical book “Agniyug” (Era of Fire) that Sukhendubikash was arrested in connection with the Deoghar Conspiracy Case.

In 1908, Barindranath Ghosh and four other revolutionaries of Bengal conducted the pioneering experiment of bombs made by them in Dhidhiria hill near Deoghar. It was extremely successful, but one of their fellows, Prafulla Kumar Chakraborty of Rangpur, was killed on the spot, while Ullaskar Datta was grievously injured in the blast. The police began an investigation much after the incident and made random arrests of young people, including Sukhendhubikash, who were kept in jail without trial.

In September, the Congress in Chittagong was beset with internal squabbles, leading to occasional disturbances in rallies by contending groups. On 21 September 1929, Surya Sen was badly injured by brickbats while addressing a meeting, but the worst happened to Sukhendhubikash when he was returning after the session with fellow Congress volunteers, and assailants from the opposite faction stabbed him.

Sukhendhubikash was first taken to Chittagong and then to Calcutta Carmichael Hospital for treatment, where Congress leaders like Jatindramohan Sengupta, Kiranshankar Roy, and Subhas Bose visited him, but he could not be saved. Even Subhash Chandra Bose joined the procession to the crematorium.