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(1891 -1958) – (Goa)


Tristao de Braganca Cunha (Aged 67), known as the “Father of Goan Nationalism,” was born in 1891. He was a member of the Anti-Imperialist League and collaborated with other Indian patriots in the Pro-Indian Committee of the Information Bureau founded by Romain Rolland in Paris.

In 1928, he founded the Goa Congress Committee to organize the intelligentsia. In 1929, he launched a campaign against the agents of British tea planters who had enticed Goans to work in Assam as indentured labourers. This campaign ended the “camouflaged slavery” and got them repatriated to Goa in 1940. He was arrested, prosecuted, and sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment by the Territorial Military Court of the Portuguese Government for his nationalistic writings.

He was deported to Portugal and released in 1952 but was not allowed to return to Goa. He passed away by 1958.