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Tam Burrayya Dora

(★ – 1880) – (Andhra Pradesh)

Tam Burrayya Dora resided in the village of Burramamidi in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. He participated in the Rampa Rebellion of 1879-80, which aimed to oppose the oppressive rule of the Mansabdar and British authorities in the Chodavaram Division of the Godavari Agency.

Dora was involved with the pituridars since the beginning of the Rebellion in March 1879. As a key member of the group led by Karram Tamman Dora, he actively participated in the attack and burning of many police stations. The government proclaimed a reward of Rs. 200/- for his capture.

Dora also killed Abbas Ali, a pensioner of Kottapalli, for informing the government about his activities. During the incident, he was confronted by a wing of 36th Regiment Native Infantry while looting Ali’s house. In a clash with Martindale, Dora received a bullet shot, and he died an hour and a half later on November 16, 1880.