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Thota Narasaiah Naidu

(Andhra Pradesh)

Thota Narasaiah Naidu, an Indian freedom fighter, was a resident of Pagolu taluk, Machilipatnam, and a professional wrestler who served in the court of Challapalli Zamindar.

 On May 6, 1930, there was rioting across India due to the arrest of Mahatma Gandhi for leading the Dandi March. In Machilipatnam, Narasaiah Naidu, along with other leaders, led a protest against this.                                                       

During the protest, Narasaiah Naidu and two other leaders attempted to hoist the Indian National Flag at the top of the tall pillar located at the center of Koneru Center. The police tried to stop the protest and the flag hoisting, and they started to rain severe blows on them. Despite severe bruising, they continued to chant slogans. Narasaiah Naidu took the flag and hoisted it on top of the pillar. After 45 minutes of being beaten by the police, he collapsed from the top of the pillar, suffering severe injuries.