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(1905 – 1980) – (Kerala)

Titusji (Aged 75), born on 18 February 1905, was among the 78 marchers chosen by Mahatma Gandhi to participate in the 1930 Dandi March aimed at breaking the salt law. He served as the governing secretary of Gandhi’s Sabarmati Ashram milk project near Ahmedabad, alongside Gulzarilal Nanda, who later became the Prime Minister of India. Both were trusted friends of Gandhi. Although his given name was Titus Theverthundiyil, he was known as “Titusji” as an honorific bestowed upon him by Gandhi.

On 15 March 1925, Mahatma Gandhi visited Titusji’s house in Maramon (Theverthundiyil) while on his way to the famous Hindu temple in Aranmula near Chengannur, which was considered one of the greatest events in Central Travancore. Titusji was born into a Marthoma Syrian Christian family. After independence, he settled in Bhopal and published the book “The Bharat of my Dreams” in 1970. He was featured on the early 500 Rs note. Titusji also donated half of his land to the Mar Thoma Syrian Church in Bhopal. He passed away on 8 August 1980, at Kasthurba Hospital in Bhopal.