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U Swar

(★ – 1863) – (Meghalaya)

U Swar was a resident of Sutnga, the Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya, India. He was Daloi (head of an Elaka in the Jaintia Hills) of Sutnga. In 1861, a Durbar (assembly) of Dalois (the heads of the Elakas in the Jaintia Hills) was called to discuss the authorities’ forceful imposition of house tax (1860), as well as the continuous political and religious interferences of the British Raj.

He not only participated in that assembly but also agreed to its decision of teaching the British a lesson. When the second Jaintia resistance broke out in January 1862, he fought along with other Dalois in many places of this region till 1863. While he was engaged in resisting the British occupation of Sutnga village. He was shot dead by the enemy forces on 11 December 1863.