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Uria Pit Bash

(1928 – 1946) – (West Bengal)

Uria Pit Bash (Aged 18) was born in 1928 and was a resident of Goalpara Road Bhatpara, West Bengal, India. In 1946, there were widespread and angry public reactions to the police atrocities on students protesting in Calcutta against the 7-year rigorous imprisonment of Captain Abdul Rashid Ali of the INA and demanding his release.

On 13 February 1946, Uria Pit Bash joined a crowd of 1000 people that marched towards the railway station, seeking to stop train movements and persuade passengers to detrain at Kankinara Station. The Station Master of Kankinara immediately informed the police upon seeing the large crowd, mostly workers from the neighboring Jute mills, approaching the station. The Superintendent of Police of 24 Parganas arrived soon after, attempted to disperse the crowd, and resorted to firing. It was in this reckless firing that Uria Pit Bash was shot dead.