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Vemuri Ramulu

(★ – 1938) – (Andhra Pradesh)

Vemuri Ramulu was a member of the Vysya community and a resident of Chirala village in the Ongolu taluka of Prakasham district, Andhra Pradesh. His father’s name was Mahalakshmamma, also known as Subbamma. At the age of 22, he participated in a strike organized by the Indian Leaf Tobacco Development Company Workers Union in Chirala, starting from February 8, 1938.

Despite the workers’ various grievances, the management did not come to any agreement, causing significant discontent among the workers and resulting in rioting. On February 14, 1938, a large crowd gathered outside the factory and attacked the police stationed there with stones at 1:30 pm. Mr. H.H. Carleston, Sub-Collector of Ongole, ordered firing on the workers at 3:30 pm to restore order. Ramulu was struck by bullets and passed away on the spot due to the injuries.