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Ajmer Singh


Ajmer Singh, the governor of Dongar, initiated the Halba rebellion which is considered an important tribal uprising in the history of present-day Chhattisgarh, India. The event took place in the Bastar District and caused an everlasting alteration to the area.

After the decline of the Chalukyas, both the Marathas and the British sought to rule the area. In 1774, the Halba rebellion started against them, with the desire to form a new and independent state in Dongar. The Halba tribe and soldiers supported Ajmer Singh in the revolt, which was driven by the lack of money and food among the common people. A long drought had affected the people, especially those with very little cultivable land, and added to this was the pressure and fear caused by the Marathas and British on the commoners, which led to the uprising.

The British and Maratha armies suppressed the rebellion and many Halba tribal people were killed in a massacre. Eventually, the Halba army was also defeated. However, the defeat of the Halba army resulted in a significant change in the history of the Bastar District.