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Anne Anjaiah

(1905 – 1975) –  (Andhra Pradesh)

Anne Anjaiah (Aged 70) was Born on 1905, Mudunuru village of the Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh, India. Anne Anjaiah was an Indian freedom fighter and politician. In 1920, he became a volunteer for the Non-cooperation movement and established the ‘Valmiki Ashram’ to train other volunteers.

During the Salt Satyagraha, Anne Anjaiah was arrested and served a six-month prison sentence. He was arrested again in 1932 for his involvement in the Quit India Movement.

As a follower of Mahatma Gandhi, Anne Anjaiah established multiple Khadi centers in the Hyderabad region, popularizing the movement. He was also a communist politician and a prominent member of the Forward Bloc. He passed away by the year of 1975.