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Devi Lal

(1914 – 2001) – (Haryana)

Devi Lal (Aged 87) born on 25 September 1914 in Teja Khera village of Sirsa district in present-day Haryana, India. He was a follower of Mahatma Gandhi, was involved in the struggle for India’s independence from the British Raj. Both he and his elder brother, Sahib Ram, left their studies unfinished to take part in the freedom movement.

As a result, Devi Lal was sentenced to one year of rigorous imprisonment and sent to Hissar jail on 8 October 1930. He also took part in the movement of 1932 and was kept in Sadar Delhi Thana. In 1938, he was selected as a delegate of the All-India Congress Committee. In March of the same year, his elder brother was elected a Member of the Legislative Assembly on the Congress party ticket in a by-election. In January 1940, Sahib Ram courted arrest as a satyagrahi in the presence of Lal and over ten thousand people. He was fined Rs 100 and sentenced to 9 months of imprisonment.

Lal himself was arrested on 5 October 1942 and imprisoned for two years for taking part in the 1942 Quit India movement. He was released from prison in October 1943 and negotiated parole for his elder brother. In August 1944, Chhotu Ram, the then Revenue Minister, visited Chautala village. Along with Lajpat Rai Alakhpura, he made efforts to woo both Sahib Ram and Lal to desert Congress and join the Unionist Party. However, both brothers, being dedicated freedom fighters, refused to leave the Congress Party. He passed away in New Delhi on 6 April 2001.