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(1820 – 1872) – (Jharkhand)

Diva Soren and Kisun Soren Murmu were born in different villages under the Rajnagar police station in the Seraikela-Kharsawan district of Jharkhand. Diva Soren was born in 1820 in Matkom Beda village, while Kisun Soren Murmu was born in Gumidpur. In the aftermath of a famine in Seraikela, Diva and Kisun organized the villagers and started a movement with the advent of the rebellion of 1872. However, some British supporters betrayed them by revealing their location, which led to their capture. Eventually, they were hanged in Seraikela jail. The struggle ignited by Amar Shaheed Diva-Kisun against the exploitation of commoners is still worth remembering today.