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Kunwar Singh

(1777 – 1858

Kunwar Singh

Kunwar Singh (Aged 81), also known as Babu Kunwar Singh and Kuer Singh, was born on 13 November 1777 in Jagdispur, Bihar, India. He was a leader during the Indian Rebellion of 1857.

Kunwar Singh led the Indian Rebellion of 1857 in Bihar. Despite being nearly eighty and in failing health, he was called upon to take up arms and gave a good fight, harrying British forces for nearly a year and remaining invincible until the end. He was an expert in the art of guerrilla warfare, and his tactics left the British puzzled.

During a river crossing, Douglas’ army began to shoot at Singh’s boat, and one of the bullets shattered Singh’s left wrist. Singh felt that his hand had become useless, and there was an additional risk of infection due to the bullet wound. He drew his sword and cut off his left hand near the elbow, offering it to the Ganges.

In his last battle, fought on 23 April 1858, near Jagdispur, the troops under the control of the East India Company were completely routed. On 22 and 23 April, despite being injured, Singh fought bravely against the British Army, and with the help of his army, drove them away, brought down the Union Jack from Jagdispur Fort, and hoisted his flag. He passed away on 26 April 1858 in Bihar, India.