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Luis De Menezes Braganca

(1878 – 1938) – (Goa)

Luis De Menezes Bragança

Luis De Menezes Bragança (Aged 60) was born on 15th January 1878 in Chandor, Salcette. He was a prominent Indian journalist, writer, politician, and anti-colonial activist from Goa, who actively opposed Portuguese colonization of Goa.

At the age of twenty, Menezes Bragança gained a reputation as a fine writer in the Portuguese language. On 22nd January 1900, he co-founded O Heraldo (The Herald) with another Goan writer, Messias Gomes, which was the first Portuguese language daily in Goa. Menezes Bragança was a staunch advocate for the cause of Konkani. In 1914, he began a campaign in defence of the language in O Heraldo, urging its development.

Menezes Bragança was the first person to call for an independent Goa and as such, was generally hailed as the “father of Goan unrest.” Towards the final years of his life, he was persecuted by the Estado Novo regime for his outspoken criticism of their government. His demand for the granting of autonomy to Goa was refused, and his newspapers were shut down by order of Salazar.

He passed away on 10th July 1938 in Chandor. The Portuguese government stationed troops at his grave to prevent any homage from being paid to his memory, fearing an outbreak of nationalist protests in Goa.