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Mailara Mahadevappa

(1911 – 1943) – (Karnataka)

Mailara Mahadevappa (Aged 32), also known as Mahadeva, was born on 8th June 1911 in Haveri, Karnataka, India. He was an Indian revolutionary who resisted British rule. His parents were Martandapp, also known as Martand, and Basamma. At the age of 18, he accompanied Mahatma Gandhi on the Dandi March as the only representative from Karnataka. Mailara Mahadevappa also participated in the non-cooperation movement called by Mahatma Gandhi.

On 1st April 1943, Mailara Mahadevappa was killed by British police, along with his followers Tirakappa Madivalar and Veerayya Hiremath, while trying to break open the treasury where British officers had kept Land Revenue in Hosaritti Village Veerabhadra Swamy Temple, which they had collected forcefully from farmers. Mahadev Mailar used to collect back the Land Revenue and redistribute it to the concerned farmers. He passed away on 1st April 1943 in Hosaritti, Haveri, Karnataka, India.