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Our Mission

The Tribute Wall aims to honor the extraordinary sacrifices made by freedom fighters who played diverse roles in securing our nation’s independence. Its noble mission is to familiarize the upcoming generation with these heroic individuals, who faced numerous challenges and displayed great courage in the struggle for national freedom and survival.

While we are acquainted with freedom fighters from our state and some nationally renowned figures, the opportunity to travel across India for business, tourism, and family reasons highlights that this achievement is not solely attributed to the efforts of freedom fighters within our state. Instead, it is a result of the unity and strength exhibited by freedom fighters across the entire nation, India.

The impressive Tribute structure stands at a height of 10 feet and spans a length of 60 feet. It prominently features an image of Bharat Mata. The Great Tribute Wall of Sacrifice will commemorate 1040 significant fighters by individually etching their names, along with their respective states and the periods during which they lived, onto granite stones.

Additionally, a towering 100-foot flagpole will proudly display our national flag in front of the Great Wall of Sacrifice. Surrounding the sacrificial wall, pillars equipped with a QR code linked to the Chakra app will provide access to the remarkable histories of all the freedom fighters. For a more comprehensive understanding, you can easily download the Chakra app on your mobile device.

The visionary behind the inception of the Great Tribute Wall of Sacrifice is Mr. AR Rajasekhar, a former journalist, author, and film director known as Chakra Rajasekhar. This project took shape under the auspices of his Chakra Foundation.

Furthermore, our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi provided guidance to extend the Tribute Wall project across the country, spanning from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, with a minimum of 75 installations, aligning with the 75th year of Independence when this noble endeavor was launched. Additionally, efforts are being made to reach 100 installations. Prime Minister Modi also instructed us to arrange visits for school children to these Tribute Wall sites as part of educational excursions and suggested paying tribute to freedom fighters on their respective birthdays in schools across the states.