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Pandianda I. Belliappa


Pandianda I. Belliappa was a Gandhian, freedom fighter, and politician from the erstwhile state of Coorg. Belliappa joined politics in 1921 as a member of the Coorg Planters’ Association. Later, he joined the Congress Party and became one of its prominent members. Belliappa was a staunch Gandhian, satyagrahi, and freedom fighter who courted arrest during the freedom struggle.

His wife, Pandyanda Seethamma Belliappa, was also a freedom fighter who courted arrest. He was the editor of a periodical called ‘Kodagu’. At his invitation, Mahatma Gandhi, his secretary Mr. Thakkar, the President of the Dalit Sangha, a German journalist, Miss Jamnalal Bajaj, and others visited Gonikoppal in Coorg.